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WIT Co-Ops Keep ESC’s Supply Chain Thriving

Electric Supply Center wants to turn Wentworth Institute of Technology’s co-ops into future power players at the Burlington-based company. Wentworth carries a lot of resonance for ESC, a leading independently-owned and operated distributor of electrical equipment and supplies. Along with ESC serving as a sponsor of Wentworth’s career fairs, company President and CEO Larry LaFreniere serves on the Board of Corporators of the Hub-based engineering college.

In order to graduate, WIT students must participate in at least two four-month co-op semesters – spring of their junior year and fall of their senior year. ESC is helping these students get their feet in the door and their minds geared towards relevant vocations in their respective fields. “We have been hiring Wentworth co-ops since before I worked for ESC,” said Erin Vieira, ESC’S Marketing Coordinator. “We’ve been doing this for a long time and have a great relationship with Wentworth.”

“Wentworth produces a fantastic crop of young engineering minds that ultimately help shape the direction of where our company is headed in the future,” adds LaFreniere. “We want to provide them with a one-of-a-kind working experience that keeps them engaged and involved.”

Wentworth’s co-op program is designed to complement traditional classroom learning with a chance for students to build important skills and professional connections. At the same time, employers like ESC are able to interact with talented and motivated students passionate about their fields and eager for experience.

At ESC, recent hire – and 2014 Wentworth graduate – Scott Moran of Orange acts as a mentor for the co-ops who come into the company to learn how the business works and how electric supplies are critical to the makeup of major Boston projects. A former WIT co-op, Moran, 23, has successfully turned his time with ESC into full-time employment with the company. In fact, he is currently completing ESC’s Management Training Program to achieve a higher position within the company structure.

Moran began his time with ESC in the warehouse where he studied up on ESC’S overall merchandise and product. He ultimately completed his co-op doing counter sales, and working specifically with pricing and quoting. Like Moran, the other WIT co-ops, including John Westerhof, 20, Jason Abdele, 20, Trent Hunt, 21, Jonathan Germanos, 20, and Jeremy Monat, 22, immerse themselves in ESC’s vast network of merchandise. As the new Central Distribution Center came to fruition, these co-ops helped the building come to life from the ground up. Moran will work full-time at ESC starting in August, following his graduation.

“When you see a warehouse grow from the ground up and deal with customers on a regular basis, you are able to see the full circle of the business,” said Moran, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. “This will help me with whatever I do in the future.”

With deliveries officially rolling out of the CDC, each co-op can now return to ESC headquarters and work on the second phase of their program in departments best suited to their interests.

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