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Visitors from China at Amity Regional High School

Visitors from China at Amity Regional High School

Educators from the Guangdong Province of China visited Amity Regional High School on Monday, December 4, 2017 and spent 3 hours shadowing students and talking with administrators.  Members of the delegation were led by the Associate Dean and the Director of the School of Professional Development and Research on Primary and Secondary Education from Guangdong Province.  Their goal was to observe teaching and learning in the comprehensive high school.  Approximately 14 students were shadowed by the 20 guests.  Gifts were exchanged with the guests as well.


  1. The full delegation posed with principal of Amity Regional High School, Anna Mahon, in front of the school.
  2. Amity Regional High School Principal, Anna Mahon (2nd from right) and Associate Principal, Monica Kreuzer (2nd from left) present copies of the 2017 Embers Yearbook: The Story Behind to the heads of the delegation.
  3. Amity Regional High School students (left to right) Jingjiang Liu, Jason Li and Ruqui Jiang, discuss lessons and educational approaches with members of the delegation.
  4. Left to right: Associate Dean, Muhang Huange; Superintendent of Amity Schools, Dr. Charles Dumais; and Director, Haiyan Zhang.

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