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Unmasking Community Leaders

The Friends of the Case Memorial Library has created a contest, “Unmasking Community Leaders,” for library patrons.  The COVID pandemic poses challenges in every aspect of our lives, including the way we socialize and communicate.  Although the 6 ft. distance rule keeps us apart, the mask mandate brings us together to ensure a healthy environment for everyone.

Inspired by these new rules, the Library display case in the foyer of the Library features pictures of ten active community residents wearing masks.  Contest participants are challenged to identify each person by name or community affiliation, i.e., postal worker or teacher and record their choices on a ballot.  Ballots may be deposited into a nearby jar.

The person(s) with the most correct IDs will win a prize and the honor of having their own picture, with mask, displayed among the ten community leaders.  Give it your best try.  You don’t have to be able to identify all 10 photos.  Everyone can be a winner by wearing a mask.  Play it safe and stay healthy.

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