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Traveland Opens In Orange

Traveland Opens In Orange

Traveland is a family-owned-and-operated Full Service Travel Agency.  The Battat brothers – Eitan, Oded and Tamir – work and manage the two branch offices located in Bridgeport and Orange, CT.  In order to accommodate the increase in both sales and personnel, the Shelton office was expanded and relocated to Orange, CT in July 2018.  We are confident our larger, more convenient office space will satisfy the companies growing needs in to the future.

Established in 1978, Traveland has a wealth of knowledge and experience making us one of Fairfield County’s leading travel companies and the largest Full-Service Travel Agency in New Haven County.  With a variety of travel options for singles, families and groups, we are the perfect solution for those travelers seeking assistance in planning their next vacation.  Whether you need an airline ticket, a recommendation for that perfect destination spot or are ready to book your dream cruise, our Travel Advisors will “go the extra mile” to ensure the planning process is as enjoyable as the vacation itself.  We invite you to get to know us and experience firsthand our high level of customer service and expertise.

ABRAVIO is the holding company for Traveland and its new office located at 564 Racebrook Road in Orange, CT.  ABRAVIO is derived from the names Abraham and Violet Battat, the founders of Traveland.

Abraham was a District Engineer and City Planner for Jerusalem and Violet had an extensive radio career in Israel.  Together, their dream was to create a travel agency that would support their globetrotting style and allow them the opportunity to explore the world and frequent their favorite destinations which included Israel and the United States.  That dream became reality when they established Traveland and opened their doors for business in 1978.

Traveland initially had one office in Bridgeport, CT and operated as a franchise of Empress Travel.  The company had enough funding for a six-month period and Abraham invested additional time and personal finances to solidify the company’s presence.  Although Abraham served as CEO and Founder of Traveland, he was proud of the fact that he never personally issued a single airline ticket or booked a travel reservation.

In 1987, ABRAVIO purchased a second agency in Shelton, CT and established Traveland, Inc.  Over the years, the Shelton office enjoyed steady success and growth which necessitated a move to its larger facility in Orange.

In April 2018, Traveland celebrated 40 years in business!  Abraham and Violet’s three sons kept their parent’s dream alive and successfully transformed Traveland into a diversified travel company with a dedicated and hardworking team of experienced travel consultants.

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