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Town Celebrates Those Who Served, Past and Present

Town Celebrates Those Who Served, Past and Present

A good number of town residents — many of them with the tell-tale caps of the American Legion – turned out again this year to celebrate Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11.  With the podium set up under the towering trees flanking the flag pole outside the High Plains Community Center, veterans and town officials celebrated the service of those who served in wars past and of those who are in the service now.

American Legion Post 127 Commander Lewis Merritt pointed to the walkway leading up to the flagpole, where the names of local veterans are engraved in commemorative bricks.  All these people worked for the common good of the United States, he pointed out in a brief address.  “They served to defend us and our way of life.”

As is customary, the local Legion’s Color Guard lined up behind the flagpole, flanked by the Police Honor Guard.  Rachel MacLellan sang the National Anthem, and First Selectman Jim Zeoli led in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Anna May Pieger, president of the Post’s Auxiliary, read the poem “We Honor You Today,” by Susan R. Smith.  Post 127 Chaplain Anthony Monaco led in the Lord’s Prayer.

Zeoli reminded the audience that more bricks can be purchased to honor veterans, living or deceased.  The bricks are $100.  Call the first selectman’s office at (203) 891-4737 for more information.

Orange Veterans who attended the Veterans Day ceremony:

  • Thomas P. Hurley, Air Force Captain
  • Don Lewis,   USMC  Sergeant
  • Lewis Merritt  USW  Lt JG
  • Val Loureiro, Army, 1st Lt
  • Alan Hoffman, Army E-6
  • Alan Scott, MC Corporal
  • Rev. Tod King, USN  LT
  • Brad Gesler  USN  Lt, g
  • James White, Army  Lt Colonel
  • Arthur Williams, Army, Spec5, Vietnam
  • Tony Monaco, AF, Corporal
  • Bill Ruddell, USA E-5
  • Craig Stahl, USAF  E5
  • Ned Martin, Army, E5
  • Ken Lenz, Air Force, Cadet
  • Stanley Janelski, Army, E-4
  • Robert Archambault, USAF  2C
  • Ronnie Hine, Reserves
  • Kevin Gilbert, Army E-2
  • Stephen Hechtman, USAJ  E-2
  • Peter MacDonald, Army E-6
  • Eugene Haeckel, Army, e8
  • Kevin Hadlock, Navy, 0-2
  • Peter Shery, Army Cpl.
  1. Tony and Joan Monaco greet neighbors at the Orange Veterans Day ceremony
  2. Anna May Pieger, president of the American Legion Auxiliary, and Lewis Merritt, Post 127 commander, get ready for the Orange Veterans Day ceremony on Thursday, November 11
  3. Police Honor Guard paid its respects during Veterans Day proceedings at the High Plains Community Center flagpole
  4. Orange residents assembled on Thursday, November 11, to honor veterans for their service
  5. Orange residents unite to recite the Pledge of Allegiance
  6. With flags flying proudly in the pale November sun, Color Guard and Honor Guard lend decorum to Veterans Day ceremonies
  7. Post 127 Chaplain Anthony Monaco, flanked by Post Commander Lewis Merritt, says the Lord’s Prayer

By Bettina Thiel – Orange Town News Correspondent

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