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Themis Klarides – State Representative 114th District

Themis Klarides – State Representative 114th District

It has been an honor representing the 114th district, which includes Woodbridge, Orange, and Derby.  In Hartford, I have been an outspoken leader about the need to change the status quo and create better fiscal policies to change the direction of Connecticut and better support our community.

For the past eight years of one-party control of the State Capitol, Governor Malloy and the legislative majority have talked about Connecticut’s new “economic reality.”  What they mean by that, is that they are willing to accept annual budget deficits in the billions of dollars, higher taxes, fewer jobs and an economy ranked 49th out of 50 across the country.

To me, their definition of our “new economic reality” accepts failure, and failure is not an option.  I hear from neighbors and friends every day, who are afraid their children won’t come back after school, their parents can’t afford to retire here and their own jobs are in jeopardy of leaving the state.

I have worked tirelessly in the legislature to show Governor Malloy and the majority party that raising taxes and catering to special interests that make state government more expensive, won’t grow our economy or open Connecticut to growth and opportunity for everyone.

When Governor Malloy proposed disastrous budget cuts, pulling the rug out from under our seniors, our schools, and our first responders, I worked across the aisle to pass a budget that restored those funds and put reforms in place to make our state government more responsible and protected funding for those in our community who need it most, like our seniors.  As a result of my work, the Connecticut Education Association placed me on their honor roll for my commitment to protecting public education funding and pensions for teachers.

Our budget also fully funded transportation projects without adding new taxes and tolls, because I believe government should be more responsible with the taxes you already pay.  That is why our budget placed caps on spending and borrowing to rein in state government.

I am proud of our work to open Connecticut to growth and opportunity.  We can move Connecticut in a new direction, but our fiscal challenges are still great, and with the right leadership in the General Assembly, I am confident that we can save Connecticut.

Leading the charge to create balanced budgets wasn’t the only thing we were able to accomplish in the past two years.  As the only woman leader at the Capitol, I have championed legislation to ensure insurance companies cover breast cancer tests and that healthcare benefits are protected for all Connecticut residents.

I am also proud of the bipartisan effort to pass the Holocaust Education bill I introduced this session, and I am grateful for the recognition of the JFACT for my efforts.

It has been a busy two years in Hartford.  I worked hard to put Connecticut on a better pathway and to make our state a more affordable place to live, work, and raise a family.

On Tuesday, November 6th I hope I have earned your vote.

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