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THE ORANGE ARMY to the Rescue!

THE ORANGE ARMY to the Rescue!

“Fire Truck $50K Challenge” Marches to $121K

One day in August, project chairman Jim Leahy bumped into a lemonade stand on Lambert Road. “What is this?” he thought.  Much to his surprise a family had opened a lemonade stand in support of the “Fire Truck $50K Challenge.”  What better illustrates the community and Team Spirit we have here in Orange!  “When I saw the signs & the family, my heart soared.  I can STILL feel it in my spirit.” Leahy recalled.

Colorful & detailed homemade SIGNS galore!  And they initiated this effort on their own.

Today, “THE ORANGE ARMY” of supporters stands tall at 546 strong.  53 Businesses & Organizations have stepped up to the call & joined in.  493 Individuals & families have reported for duty and heeded the call to support the members of the Orange Volunteer Fire Department (OVFD).

It’s been an amazing run.  Starting with a modest idea at a May Orange Board of Finance meeting that ‘We can do something,’ the “Fire Truck $50K Challenge” now has $121,216 in volunteer contributions, a figure that covers almost the entire “gap” in their operating revenue from the cancellation of the August Orange Fireman’s Carnival.

THE ORANGE ARMY is led by the Leadership sponsors of 5 Platinum ($5K each), 2 GOLD ($2.5K each), and 26 members of all-volunteer marching group of the “2% Club” ($1K each).

THE ORANGE ARMY started small and had an initial $50K target to make the October payment on a recent Fire Truck purchase.  Back then, we wondered aloud about the economy & whether this goal was beyond our reach. Today, the ARMY has grown with members enlisting new members, and developed into a modern-day GIANT of financial support for the OVFD who – let’s face it – willingly & unpaid come to your homes when you have an emergency, such as a fire.

“Neighbors helping neighbors” is more than a motto for the OVFD, it’s the calling card of all Orange Citizens.  To chip in.  To help out.  To be there when a neighbor – perhaps unknown at the outset – is in time of need.

As we wind down this ragingly successful project in the days ahead it’s not too late to Join the Team.  It’s LAST CALL.  Join THE ORANGE ARMY.  Be involved in “Fire Truck $50K Challenge.”  By doing so, you’ll make a measurable difference and forever be part of THE ORANGE ARMY to support the OVFD members who – themselves – so willingly give and contribute mightily to what Orange is and to the community that we are.

The link to the GoFundMe page is on the Town website or at or at the OVFD website   Checks can be mailed directly: OVFD, P.O. Box 878, Orange, CT 06477.

Every contribution – no matter the size—is valued.  Your donation shows you “have the backs” of the OVFD just as they support us when we have an emergency.

Photo: Leadership and initiative by The Duz Family illustrate the Town’s spirit.

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