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The Civil War Through Women’s Eyes

The Civil War Through Women’s Eyes

The Friends of the Case Memorial Library is sponsoring a book talk with Martha Hall Kelly, author of “Sunflower Sisters” on Monday, April 19 at 7pm via Zoom.

“Sunflower Sisters” is a story of the Civil War, told through the experiences of three women: a Northern upper class abolitionist, who joins the war effort, serving as a nurse in a male profession; a young girl, enslaved on a Maryland plantation; and a cruel plantation mistress, who is drawn into a secret Southern spy network, while her husband joins the Union Army and her cherished brother enlists in the Confederacy.

It’s a story with lingering relevance today:  women’s rights, racism, conspiracy, and families fractured by political ideology in a divided nation.

The author, a native New Englander, lives in Litchfield.  “Sunflower Sisters” is the third novel in a series based on the letters of her female ancestors in the Woolsey/Ferriday families.  Her novels tell stories about the lives and contributions made by the family women during noteworthy historical eras.  Her first novel, “Lilac Girls” takes place during World War II, extending into the 1950s.  Her second novel, “Lost Roses,” is set in 1914 in New York City.  As such, each novel can stand alone.

Go to the Library’s website to register for this program.  The Library will send a confirmation.  On the day of the program, the Library will forward an e-mail with the Zoom link to the program.

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