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Teachers Now Able to ‘Bring their Children to Work’

Teachers Now Able to ‘Bring their Children to Work’


Starting in September, Orange teachers who live in other towns will have the opportunity to enroll their children in Orange Schools. In April the board adopted a policy that would allow children of certified staff to attend Orange schools with paid tuition. At its June meeting, the Board of Education set the annual fee at 40% of the per pupil cost, which amounts to approximately $6500.

“This is for teachers who teach in Orange and live outside of Orange,” Dr. Scarpetti explained, noting that several teachers have approached him with requests to allow their children to attend Orange Schools since he joined the district last year.

The 40%, according to Board Member Mara Saccente, was arrived at by looking at what other towns offered their teachers, and also based on local private and Catholic school costs. “We want to incentivize our teachers with this and offer their children our quality education at an affordable rate,” said board member Ken Ziman.

“We also thought it would be advantageous to extend the offer of the after school program so that teachers don’t feel the need to rush out of school to get their children, where they could spend more time afterwards if they needed,” Ziman said.

“Overall, it’s a great policy and something that I’ve wanted to see for a while,” Chairman Bill Kraut said.

By Melissa Nicefaro – Orange Town News Correspondent

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