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Summer Improvements Made at Orange Schools

Summer Improvements Made at Orange Schools

Solar Panels to be Installed

Orange schools had a spiffy new look when students returned to school on Aug. 31. Not only had the janitorial staff has spent the summer scrubbing and polishing to make the buildings shine like new on the inside for students to return, work was done on the outside as well.

Parents and staff at Peck Place School were greeted with a new parking lot with a new flow of traffic that was intended to enhance safety, according to Facilities Director Mike Luzzi.

“The flow of traffic at Peck is much safer now. We decreased the size of the playground a bit and increased the area for parking. It’s a much safer environment for students,” he said.

At Turkey Hill, six classrooms were abated of asbestos. Though it didn’t pose a health risk as it was, according to Luzzi, asbestos was removed and new tiles were installed. Carpeting was also replaced and improvements were made to the front office and nurse’s room.

At Mary L. Tracy, the white trim around windows and doors was painted.

“We removed rotten wood where we need to and replaced it, scraped and painted the white trim on the façade of the school,” Luzzi explains. “Mary L. Tracy is in the historical district of Orange and has a lot of character.”

This year solar panels will be installed on the roofs of each of the elementary schools through a program funded by Connecticut Green Bank.

“There is no taxpayer expense,” said Luzzi. “In fact, this will generate savings and cut our electric rates.”

The 20-year project will pose no cost to the town for installation or maintenance. The panels will be installed by Stamford-based American Solar and Alternative Power.

By Melissa Nicefaro – Orange Town News Correspondent

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