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Students of STEM Offers Free STEM Tutoring

The next generation will be defined by technology.  Over 3.5 million STEM-related jobs will be unfilled by 2025.  Surprisingly, few elementary schools have adopted any formal tech education, and only 50% of high schools even offer a Computer Science class.  Aarav Patel, a Junior at Amity Regional High School, has set out to fix this.  He started Students of STEM, a 501©(3) non-profit that connects kids with knowledgeable high school STEM tutors for free.

Aarav Patel found his passion for coding early on. Eventually, after navigating between a maze of videos and websites, Aarav learned to code in Python.  However, he feels a lot of time and effort could have been saved if there was more guidance available.  Aarav believes that a more streamlined and well-guided learning process can help more people break into the STEM world.

Now in high school, Aarav sees that much has remained the same over the past years.  Despite more kids wanting to code, there is little support for them to take the necessary steps.  At the moment, students can either enroll in a pricey online class or struggle through a process of self-learning, creating an inherent barrier against students, specifically from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Aarav wants to help provide guidance so students can enjoy a more streamlined and enjoyable learning experience.  So, he decided to start Students of STEM, a 501©(3) non-profit dedicated to providing free high-quality education in coding, math, and problem-solving.  After launching in the summer, he and a group of 12 other volunteers were able to host numerous online classes in the Greater New Haven area.

With school starting up again, Students of STEM hopes to expand to other regions and school districts throughout the US.  The organization has received a Google Ad Grant which it hopes to use to market their services.  They hope more people can take advantage of their services so more kids of all backgrounds can learn the analytical skills of the future.

To register your child for a class, please go to  Additionally, if you would like to support Students of STEM’s mission, please spread the word.  By letting more people know about this opportunity, we can make a difference and help more kids pursue their passion in STEM!

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