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State Senator James Maroney Welcomes Funding For Capital Improvement Projects In 14th District

On November 9th, State Senator James Maroney (D-Milford) is welcoming new state funding for capital improvement projects in Milford, Orange, and Woodbridge.  Governor Lamont recently approved more than $11 million in state funding through the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) that will be awarded to 94 towns across the state.

In Milford, $128,205 in state funding has been approved for auditorium seating and sound system upgrades at Veterans Memorial Auditorium.  This will be matched by $125,000 from the town.  In Orange, $20,000 in state funding has been approved for the replacement of the roofing, ceilings, and siding at Stone-Otis House.  This will be matched by $20,000 from the town.  And in Woodbridge, $128,205 in state funding has been approved for renovations and improvements to the senior center.  This will be matched by $10,000 from the town.

“This new funding will do nothing but increase business that will hopefully help our economy,” said Sen. Maroney.  “The pandemic really was a huge factor in the loss of profits across the state and with this new funding to make these renovations, the future is already starting to look brighter.  I am thankful Governor Lamont took the time to make sure money was allocated to several local towns in our community.”

The Governor explained that he reinstated the program in an effort to support Connecticut’s municipalities while implementing projects that will give a boost to the economy and help in their response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  For this round of funding, he implemented a special COVID-19 provision to support towns with expenditures related to their ongoing response to the pandemic, including for new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement of existing facilities.

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