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State Representatives Discuss Legislation with Business Owners

State Representatives Discuss Legislation with Business Owners

­­State Representatives Themis Klarides, Charles Ferraro, and Kathy Kennedy held a business informational forum in Orange during the week of November 18 to discuss recent legislation that was passed during the 2019 legislative session.

Rep. Klarides said, “Small businesses are the backbone of our state’s economy comprising as much as 80 percent of all jobs.  We need to pay better attention to their needs and what they are telling us otherwise they will either shutter their doors, or leave.’’

“As a small business owner, I understand the difficulties of operating a business in Connecticut,” said Rep. Ferraro.  “We are consistently seeing the majority party target businesses for more revenue, which is causing business owners to rethink staying in Connecticut or growing in Connecticut.  It’s time for the majority party to rethink the way they are treating business owners.”

“I want to thank all the area businesses who attended our business forum,” said Rep. Kennedy.  “It is vital to hear from our Connecticut employers and how the General Assembly can help businesses thrive.  Many new anti-business proposals passed the legislature this year costing employers more.  I opposed these bad business proposals; we need to recognize that small businesses are the economic engine to our state and their success is everyone’s success.”

During the legislative session, the majority party increased the minimum wage to $15 and forced every single Connecticut employee to pay a payroll tax to fund a paid family leave program that every business owner is mandated to follow.  In addition, the majority decided to raise business filing fees and passed a grocery tax, which was decided later that it would not be implemented.

The lawmakers expressed their frustrations with the anti-business bills that are being passed and said that they are hosting these forums to let businesses know about these far-reaching bills and the impacts they will have on businesses small and large.

This year, the Tax Foundation ranked Connecticut 47th out of 50 states as one of the worst business tax climates in the country.

For more information about the new laws that will impact businesses, visit

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