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State Representative Kathy Kennedy Nominated for Re-election to State House

State Representative Kathy Kennedy Nominated for Re-election to State House

Kathy KennedyThrough a cheerful video nominating convention, State Representative Kathy Kennedy was unanimously endorsed May 19th by delegates of the 119th Assembly District, which includes portions of Milford and Orange.

In her acceptance speech, Kennedy pledged to help rebuild Connecticut back after the pandemic.  “The past two months have been unprecedented to say the least.  As an elected official, it is my duty to keep the public as informed as possible, especially during a time like this.  I hope I have done that through my email blasts, social media and mailings.  We are in this together, and together we will get through this.

“When the legislature re-convenes for special session, we will need to help those working families who are struggling so mightily.  And also make small businesses a priority because businesses that stay provide job opportunities.”

Both Milford resident Debra Fellenbaum and Orange resident Ralph Okenquist provided nominating speeches in support of Kathy during the 119th Assembly District convention.

In her speech, Kathy also thanked the delegates for their trust and support, “it is my honor to accept this nomination to continue to lead the residents of Milford and Orange residing in the 119th Assembly District.”

In Kathy’s first term as state representative she helped stop a legislative proposal to force school districts to regionalize and halted a state budget proposal to shift the teacher pension costs to our local communities.

Kathy has also, since 2018, been a vocal opponent of tolls both a trucks-only, an all vehicle toll proposal and also fought a plan to raid out special transportation fund lock box.  The fund was raided by $171 million by the governor last year.

Kathy also opposed the 2019-2020 state budget that would have raised taxes on working families by $1.7 billion.  In addition, she advocated and voted for PTSD coverage for fire and police personnel.

“I sit on the Women’s bi-partisan Caucus, the Fire/EMS Caucus and this past year I served on the Coastal Caucus, also bipartisan, working to preserve and enhance our coastal resources, improve resilience of our coastal communities and shorelines.”

Kennedy wrapped up her speech saying she will continue to fight for an affordable CT for our residents.

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