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SCASA Superintendents’ Award 2021

SCASA Superintendents’ Award 2021

Amity Middle School in Orange honored two of its 8th graders, Olivia Perkowski and Matthew Curley, for the SCASA (South Central Area Superintendents Association) Award.  One eighth grade boy and one eighth grade girl are selected each year.  The criteria for selection is based on community service and service to others, academic prowess (relative to ability), and leadership to the school community.  We are so very proud of their accomplishments.

Olivia Perkowski is in Grade 8 at Amity Middle School Orange.  She has been a strong student and leader in the classroom, serving as a role model for her peers.  She is dedicated and driven to working toward her highest potential academically and is not afraid to try new challenges.  Olivia contributed as a member of the AMSO Drama Club and she also is in the strings program.  She participated in Regionals in 7th grade for choir.  She is on the ARAC Swim Team and participating in diving lessons with hopes to join the Amity High School Swim/Dive Team next year.  Apart from academics and extracurricular activities, Olivia is an active member in her Polish School, where she is involved in various community service projects and opportunities.  Olivia also helps out with service activities through her church.  On her free time Olivia enjoys spending her time reading a good book!

Matthew Curley is an 8th grade student at Amity Middle School Orange.  He has proven to be a leader in the classroom and role model for other students.  He often is the one keeping other students on track when in the classroom and always willing to help out and encourage another peer.  He is a positive asset to the Amity Middle School Community.  Matthew has been involved through the youth organization in town.  He often takes on jobs helping out members of the community with, such work as, snow removal and yard work.  Matthew has a passion for cars and enjoys working on and fixing cars.  He wants to pursue a trade in the area of automotive or collision repair as a future side trade connected with his academic studies.  In his free time, Matthew enjoys hanging out with friends and biking.  He has also been involved in baseball and up until the school closure, he was planning on trying out for the Amity Middle School Baseball team last spring.

CABE Leadership Award 2021

Congratulations to Amity Middle School Orange eighth grade students, Maya Remigio and Robert Pulie, who were selected to receive this year’s Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) Award.  This award is presented each year to young men and women attending schools within CABE’s membership who exhibit exemplary leadership qualities.

Maya Remigio is an 8th grader at Amity Middle School Orange.  She has been a dedicated student, striving to go above and beyond in the classroom.  She is truly committed to her academics and driven to challenge herself both in and outside of the classroom.  She is a role model and leader for her peers.  When things are challenging or difficult, Maya always puts forth her best effort and perseveres.  Maya enjoys sports and plays on the Lady O’ Travel Basketball Team in Orange.  She is also on the Amity Middle School Girls Basketball Team.  She is a competitive team gymnast and is currently taking diving lessons.  Maya participates in community service through her church and has volunteered at events in town at her former elementary school.  She was involved with the St. Baldrick’s Volleyball Tournament at AMSO and helped to welcome the incoming 7th graders by filming a video to help with transition.  In her free time Maya, enjoys playing sports with her siblings, hanging out with friends, doing crafts and biking.

Robert Pulie is an 8th grader at Amity Middle School Orange.  During his 2 years at AMSO he has been determined to earn good grades and strive to do his very best academically.  He has shown commitment and a willingness to work hard in class and challenge himself academically.  He not only takes on challenges in the classroom, but shows a genuine concern for his peers.  He is involved not only in his classes and honors his academic commitments, but perseveres and is highly committed to his athletics as well.  He has been a member of a travel basketball team outside of school as well as a dedicated member of the Amity Boys Basketball Team in 7th grade.  He also is an avid baseball player, playing year-round on a travel team.  He was planning on trying out for the Amity Middle School Baseball team last spring prior to school closure.  He has a true passion for sports and enjoys hanging out with friends in his free time.

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