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Rep. Welander Secures $200k Bond Request for A First-Ever Accessible Public Playground In Orange

Rep. Welander Secures $200k Bond Request for A First-Ever Accessible Public Playground In Orange

Representative Mary Welander (D-Orange, Derby, Woodbridge) announced that the $200,000 state bonding request for the construction of Orange’s first ever accessible public playground has been placed on the state’s bonding commission’s agenda by the Governor.

Rep. Welander said, “I am so happy to share this first-of-its-kind victory with our community.  I submitted this bonding request to support our town’s effort in creating a destination playground for all ages that is inclusive of all abilities, is available for use during the school day hours, and reflects the way that the Town of Orange supports and welcomes all families.  Having proudly served on the Orange Board of Education and seeing firsthand how our community makes it a priority to support all of our children, I knew how important it was to have a space in town that allows for children and families to play safely.  I am grateful for the collaboration with Senator James Maroney, Travis Ewen, Chair of the Orange Playground Committee, and the entirety of the playground committee in this effort.  I would also like to thank the Governor and the State Bond Commission for the allocation of these funds to support all of the children and families of our area.”

“I want to applaud Representative Welander for her diligence in securing this grant and I am thankful for Governor Lamont for approving this request,” said Sen. Maroney.  “One thing we have learned through the pandemic is the importance of having safe gathering spaces outdoors.  The playground improvements will provide a safe and healthy place for families and friends to come together.”

Governor Ned Lamont said, “I am glad we are able to get this state funding approved for the Town of Orange and that it will be used to ensure children of all abilities have access to a playground where they can feel safe, enjoy recreational activities, make friends, and have fun.”

If approved, the $200,000 bonding request will provide the remaining funds needed to complete construction of the fully accessible public playground with an estimated total cost of $504,801.  While not officially approved, most bonding requests that appear on the Commission’s Agenda are approved.

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