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Rand van Sweden Appointed New Manager at HTG Supply

Rand van Sweden Appointed New Manager at HTG Supply


Area resident Rand van Sweden is now directing sales and service at HTG Supply, the nation’s largest supplier of “grow products” for indoor planting enthusiasts and hydroponic systems.

van Sweden, with more than 25 years of retail management and customer service behind him, anticipates a healthy sales year for their popular product line. “We’re unique in many ways with the largest inventory of grow lighting, nutrients, hydroponics, and every conceivable organic product to aid indoor gardeners with their plants,” van Sweden commented.

“Currently we’re running a unique ‘Free Stump Tea Tuesday’ promotion. Bring in a gallon jug and we’ll fill it up for free on Tuesdays.” He continued, “Stump Tea is the world’s most complete compost tea. It’s unique. Just bring in a gallon jug; we’ll fill it up. Sample the world’s best nutrient on the house.”

van Sweden and his wife live in West Haven. A former military veteran of the Gulf War era, he enjoys restoring classic cars and race cars.

HTG Supply is located at 367 Boston Post Road (next to Porch & Patio), Phone: 203-672-1324,

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