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Ragozzino Exhibit at Town Hall

Ragozzino Exhibit at Town Hall

Marge-Ragozzino-April-Town-Hall-ExhibitMarge Ragozzino began painting twenty five years ago, when she taught English to high schoolers in Stamford, CT. During her free period she sat in on Pat Archer’s beginning drawing and painting class along with the students. It was there that Marge discovered she enjoyed the process of creating art.

She had learned from her indomitable German mother, Erna, that talent means nothing without determination and perseverance, so she threw herself into her painting. During her summers on Cape Cod she took lessons with Foster Nystrom, a salty local who, when not teaching painting, hunted for shipwrecks off the shifting shoals of the Cape. He never found any gold, but he did teach Marge the joy of painting watercolor landscapes.

After a brief hiatus from painting, during which she became a prize-winning quilter and two year president of the Connecticut Peacemakers Guild, Marge returned to the canvas. This time, however, she opted for the more forgiving medium of acrylic.

At some point along the way, she also found time to raise three sons and author a series of seven children’s books, published by Simon & Schuster, written under the pen name M. M. Ragz. Her first book, Eyeballs for Breakfast, sold over 500,000 copies. She did not paint the cover.

Marge continues taking art classes with Steve Parton in Westport, CT and cannot wait for her next adventure. Her paintings will be on exhibit in the Town Hall Arts Space during March and April.



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