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Property Transfers: 7/1/15

Property Transfers: 7/1/15

464 ALLING FARM ROAD                  Margaret C. Stowe to Christopher Lourenco       $295,000

93 NEW HAVEN AVENUE                   Marcia A. Thompkins to Andrew Townsend          $339,000

595 CEDAR GROVE                               George C. Barletta to Evan Pelaccia                          $500,000

540 BISHOP DRIVE                               Christopher Gaglione to Mirla Minaya                    $401,700

558 RIDGE ROAD                                  Peter J. Cavallaro to Kimberly Bennett                   $239,069

335 LONGMEADOW ROAD             Sean Nappi to Daniel L. Rosewater                            $549,000

940 RED FOX ROAD                             Brenda J. Anziano to Michael Wirkus                        $400,000

541 MEETINGHOUSE CIRCLE          Barbara A. Cannaverde to Lewis L. Goodrum      $306,000

136 CORUM LANE                                Lissa McCarthy to Sean Nappi                                       $619,000

846 DONNA DRIVE                               Jeffrey S. Clum to Raymond J. Moquet Sr.               $319,000

447 SKYLINE DRIVE                              Kevin J. Hadlock to Daniel Tontini                               $350,100



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