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Property Transfers 1/15/16

797 DENNIS DRIVE                               Pamela L. Turnquist to Thomas R. Durand                              $321,300

300 JUNIPER DRIVE                             Turn Key Renovations LLC to Mark Lessard                            $365,000

716 NORTH GREENBRIER DRIVE   Thomas J. Brown to Joanne Webb                                                $315,000

664 ST JOHNS DRIVE                           Phyllis Torello Est. to Kenneth L. Thomas II                            $228,900

591 STONE HILL DRIVE                      William G. Mahoney Jr. to Peter Geyfman                              $340,000

227 HARVESTER ROAD                       Robert S. Sahl Exec. to Aneta Kratzer-Duz                                $290,000

237 DEERFIELD LANE                          Sunrise Hill Estates LLC to Kenichi Tatsuno                            $485,259

329 LAURLEWOOD ROAD                Andrew C. Kruger to Marc Alvarez                                                 $530,000

99 NEENAN LANE                                  Hudson City Savings Bank to Basem Abdelmesih                                 $167,000

830 DOGBURN ROAD                         Barbara J. Hulbert to Alicia Zaldo                                                  $220,000

980 PATRICIA COURT                         Cary S. Passik to Abhinav Seth                                                         $720,000

496 GRASSY HILL ROAD                    Clorinda Corofano to Emilia Kosko                                               $270,000

336 MANLEY HEIGHTS ROAD         Jeanette Soda Gabrielle to Katsuhito Yasuno                      $348,500

345 DOGBURN LANE                          Christopher Taft to Joseph A. Daley                                             $309,000

473 YELLOW BRICK ROAD               Robert D. Hansen to Michael A. Haray                                       $400,000

492 DERBY AVENUE                             Michelle Goodwin to Nora Beard Anderson                           $278,000

754 NORTH GREENBRIER DRIVE   Jeffery A. Baird to Vincent M. Matozzo                                       $400,000


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