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Property Transfers 11/20/15

Property Transfers 11/20/15

117 INDIAN RIVER ROAD                  Kenneth Waldo to Edward J. Rekos                            $270,000

360 HILLTOP ROAD                             Deann J. Tasso Novella TR. To Kevin Maurutis    $305,000

885 INDIAN HILL ROAD                     Landon Rabern to John M. Liptak Jr.                          $260,000

957 GARDEN ROAD                             Property Edge LLC to Danielle M. Benigni              $402,000

447 WILDWOOD DRIVE                    Doreen L. Castignoli to                   Jean-Ju Chung                     $520,000

266 CHARLES COURT                          Douglas W. Fuller to Steven C. Heinisch                                   $345,900

827 RAIL FENCE ROAD                       Irene Teller to Leslie S. Sherwin                                                     $327,000

278 SILVERBROOK ROAD #20        Craig Calistro to Beth Gallagher                                                     $260,000

763 NORTH GREENBRIER DRIVE   Edward F. Anderson to Jill Wasserman Guilford                 $465,000

200 MARGARET LANE                         Philip Gary Zink Jr. Exec to Barbara Zink                                    $450,000

2 FARM RIVER ROAD                           Farm River Estates LLC to Lirim S. Ameti                                   $1,150,000

496 SUMMIT DRIVE                             Paul F. Huwiler Tr. To Yongjun Chen                           $390,000

797 GRASSY HILL ROAD                    Leonard S. Dorsett Tr. To James J. Longo                                  $330,000

141 CRICKET LANE                               Thomas M. Lewis to Jeffrey A. Fuchs                          $398,000

513 RIDGE ROAD                                  Chrystyna T. Centore to Paul F. Huwiler Tr.           $375,000

531 LAMBERT ROAD                           Clearvue Opportunity LLC to Michael V. Mikita $269,900


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