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Property Transfers 10/9/15

Property Transfers 10/9/15

78 OLD TAVERN ROAD                       John E. Makar to Ernest C. Goodwin                                             $420,000

614 EAST SLOPE DRIVE                      Taavi Neklesa to Paul Grava                                                             $355,000

447 CLEMENT LANE                             Bertram S. Gill to John Rawlinson                                                 $390,000

523 HIGHFIELD DRIVE                       Joan Marty Sette Kacey to Romaine Chamberlain            $343,000

482 DERBY-MILFORD ROAD           Colleen J. Punch Exix to Jeffrey Fortin                                         $298,000

329 DERBY AVENUE                             Bernard Penoro to Andrey Doubovik                                           $385.000

280 OLD LAMBERT ROAD UNIT 1-2              Darryl G. Lamonico to Richard Allen Zell                                  $200,000

393 WEST RIVER ROAD                      Craig Rappaport to Donald W. Bailey III                                                      $370,000

828 DENTREE DRIVE                            Harold Grabino to Zhibang Luo                                                       $244,800

26 RED CEDAR CIRCLE                        Dorothy A. Molnat to Stella Cretella                                           $240,000

422 NORTHWOOD DRIVE                Bengho Chan to Yury Gelfand                                                           $650,000

583 RIDGE ROAD                                  Robert E. Donnelly to John Vamvakas                                        $445,000

3 WHITNEY LANE                                   Tedra J. Schneider Tr. to Mahendra Jog                                                       $450,000

618 AVON DRIVE                                   Richard E. Cappiello to Dimitrios Klonaras                             $290,700

515 WAGON TRAIL                              Patricia P. Averna to Craig M. Capone                                        $380,000

864 GREENWAY ROAD                       Melissa Misiewicz to Angelo Moscato Jr.                                                   $196,000

489 RIDGEVIEW ROAD                      Eric C. Schultz to Ping Chen                                                                 $359,900

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