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Peer Tutors At Amity Middle School In Orange

Peer Tutors At Amity Middle School In Orange

How do you get your child to ask for help in school?  The Amity Middle School Orange has a good idea.

Twenty students in the eighth grade were trained by the Counseling staff to become peer tutors.  Once the training was complete each peer tutor chose what subject he or she wanted to instruct.  This year the Peer Tutor training program was designed to help seventh grade students.  Eighth grade peer tutors were paired with seventh grade students.  They met during Academic Success, which is held during the last period of the day, and worked together one or two times per cycle.

Originally teacher recommendations were used to find peer tutor students, but the program has become so successful that seventh grade students are asking for peer tutors on their own.  Popular subjects studied are:   math, science, and Spanish.  Next year there are plans to expand the program so that more peer tutors will be able to help more students.  This good idea seems to be working quite well at Amity Middle School in Orange!

  • Front row left to right:  June Lin, Sophia Liu, Jennifer Luo, Sreenidhi Tadepalli, Maggie McDonald
  • Middle row:  Nick Digiovanni, Si Ru Liang, Marin Cunningham, Jenna Chizmadia, Emilia Dottori, Kyra Shevis, Robert Pergolotti
  • Back row:  Emma Kirck, Aanchal Poddar, Sophia Cossitt-Levy, Frank Cavallaro, Grace Mahon, Athanasia Zikos, Zoe May, Ana DeBassio
  • Peer tutors who were not in the photo:  Millicent Fuller, Jesse Palermo, Lucas Ketchian, Giovanni Bonazzoli
  • Photo by Jen Marganski

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