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Peck Place School Carton Caper

Peck Place School Carton Caper

We know cats have a tendency to get into mischief and Mr. PAWS, The Peck Place School mascot, is no exception.  We thought things had settled down after Peck Place students solved the Panther Pass Mystery last year, but our mascots have gotten themselves into another situation, The Carton Caper.

The mascots of Orange along with their new friends, the Kakoomen (, were enjoying a day of math games.  The friends were so engrossed in a game of NumTanga Money (having been stuck in a never-ending cycle of tied scores on a “race space”) that no one noticed the subtle changes around them.  Now these friends find themselves packed in a box for shipment to a school.  On January 31, Peck Place students were invited to return to the “scene of the game” to solve the mystery, find our friends, and escape the box.

Modeled after the popular escape rooms, The Peck Place Mystery Space events combine several disciplines (math, science, language arts, technology) with productive struggle to create unique problem-solving adventures to further develop reasoning and problem-solving skills and to encourage perseverance and team work.

Teams of students were “locked in” a Greg Tang Class Kit shipping box (recreated for this event) and given 30 minutes to solve the mystery and escape the room.  Participants worked their way through rhymes and clues that led to codes and locks to help them escape the room and find Mr. PAWS and his friends.

If you want to know what happened to the Mr. PAWS and his friends, you’ll just have to ask a Peck Place student.

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