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Pam Staneski to Run for State Senate

Pam Staneski to Run for State Senate
Pam Staneski

State Rep. Pam Staneski has announced she is throwing her hat in the ring to run for State Senate representing the 14th District, which comprises the communities of Milford and Orange and includes portions of West Haven and Woodbridge.

Staneski said it has been an honor to serve the 119th District for the last two terms.  She has worked to be a ‘Real Voice’ for the people of the district.  “I believe in representative government and when I was first elected in 2014 I made a promise to keep the people of the 119th district informed on state matters, seek their input, and be a voice for them in Hartford.  I make that same promise to the people of the 14th State Senate district.”

Currently serving her second term in the state House of Representatives, Staneski is a member of the legislature’s budget-writing Appropriations Committee and the Public Health Committee.  Pam is also the lead House Republican on the Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee.  Additionally, she is a member of four bi-partisan coalitions, the Manufacturing caucus, Fire/EMS caucus, Tourism caucus, and the Individuals with Developmental Disability group, which is focused on issues affecting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

During her legislative tenure, Staneski worked with the Milford delegation to push for the first real reform to the (8-30g) affordable housing statutes in over twenty years.  Most recently, she stood with Senator Slossberg and the delegation to fight the unnecessary expansion at Silver Sands Park.  “Although we are from different political parties and don’t always agree on every issue, Sen. Gayle Slossberg is someone who is always meticulously prepared and puts her district and its people first.  I have tried to emulate those essential qualities as a State Representative and hope to continue that fighting spirit as your next Senator,” said Rep. Staneski.

Pam has also advocated for changes in the inequitable Medicaid reimbursement rate for local assisted living facilities, sponsored legislation to help students with dyslexia, spoke out against legislation that would have hurt the Boys & Girls Club of Milford’s after school program and encouraged policies to promote manufacturing and our state’s technical high schools.

Staneski has testified in support of our shellfish industry and stood strong for the developmentally disabled.  She has been an outspoken supporter on Veterans issues, which she is intimately familiar with as the daughter of a Navy Veteran and was named the 2016 American Legion Legislator of the Year.

“Constituent service is important to me—that is my job, to work for and on behalf of the people of the 119th—and that includes continuing to fight for structural changes in the way state finances are run.  In 2016, I voted against the 2nd highest tax increase in the state’s history because I believe Connecticut needs to live, as you and I do, within its means.  We cannot continue this roller-coaster budgeting practice—the lack of stability at the state level hurts our cities and towns.  I believe long-term structural changes need to be part of any current and future budget.  THIS MUST BE DONE.  In 2017, I supported six budget proposals that would make structural changes in the way we run state government, ultimately some of those changes were incorporated in the bi-partisan budget.  I want to continue to be a VOICE for the people of Orange, Milford, West Haven and Woodbridge.  Connecticut is a beautiful state worth fighting for and I humbly ask to continue that fight as your senator,” said Rep. Staneski.

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