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Pam Staneski – 119th District State Representative Candidate Profile

Pam Staneski – 119th District State Representative Candidate Profile

This November the residents of the General Assembly House District 119th (Orange and Milford) will have the privilege of casting their ballot for the person they believe will be their best voice in Hartford.  I am Pam Staneski, and I am that voice, and am seeking your support to continue being so.

I love my job serving in Hartford as the voice of the residents from Orange and Milford.  I hope that my first term has shown that I have been the kind of state representative that the 119thdistrict deserves—one who is hardworking, aware of our priorities, and easily accessible to constituents. If re-elected, my focus will remain the same—doing the right thing for the people I represent.

We are at a financial crossroads in Connecticut.  I remain committed to championing sound fiscal policies that include long-term structural changes that will provide predictability, sustainability, and a vision like that outlined in the House Republicans proposed Pathway to Sustainability plan  (

When we work together we can do good things for the people of this state.  I was proud to stand with my colleagues in support of education legislation that addressed outdated modes of student assessment and implemented measures to detect and address services for students with dyslexia. On the floor of the House, I embraced a bipartisan measure that protectedConnecticut consumers from ‘variable electric rates’ contracts that lure citizens with low introductory rates and then rapidly increase costs.

As a member of the bipartisan Manufacturing, Tourism, and the I/DD caucuses I met with businesses, city and town leaders, and constituents to understand and bring our community concerns to other legislators whose districts shared similar issues.  The caucuses discussed and proposed legislation to address specific topics related to the respective caucuses. Out of those caucuses came legislation to assist manufacturers by ensuring a skilled workforce is available, conversations about how we can support Connecticut tourism, and landmark legislation helping our intellectually developmentally disabled get the information they need to plan for their future needs.

We live in a beautiful state with rolling hills, a magnificent coastline, and majestic rivers.  We have great cultural attractions and also have some of the finest educational and research institutions in the world.  We are close to major metropolitan centers and their transportation infrastructure.  Connecticut should be one of the most desirable destinations for people and businesses in the country.  I believe that if we focus on the economy we in turn invest in our people.

Leadership requires honesty to those you serve and to yourself.  It requires compassion for the cause and for the work, and it requires listening to those you represent and to your heart.  In all my years of public service, whether as a board of education member, on the board of alderman, sitting in leadership on various non-profit boards, and currently as a state representative, I have found that living be the phrase Your Word is Your Bond has served me well.

I humbly ask that you consider allowing me to continue my work on your behalf.  I truly believe that by listening to you, and learning from you, I can be YOUR voice.  It would be an honor to continue being your Representative in Hartford.

Current State Representative, 119th, Co-Founder, Milford Prevention, Council, Past Board of Alderman, Milford, Past Board of Education, Milford, Past President, Milford’s Promise.

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