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Pack 922 News – February 2021

Pack 922 News – February 2021

Our January Pack meeting was held through a video call so that we could all be together despite school not being in session.  During that meeting we discussed what Bravery meant and scouts were encouraged to write a thank you note to the Orange Volunteer Fire Department for showing how brave they are each and every day.  The scouts also watched short films from the BANFF Film Festival showcasing different outdoor activities from around the world.

On December 12th the pack held its first Annual Space Derby at High Plains Community Center under the pavilion.  Scouts were asked to pick up the space derby cars and construct them at home.  We had three small set time frames for the scouts to participate in the derby race with their dens.  Although chilly outside it was a great day.  All scouts received a key chain with the event name and year.  First, Second and Third Place lanyards were awarded in each of the races.

Coming up in February the pack will do a ski trip to Mount Southington to enjoy the slopes.

  1. The Webelo Den After the Race.
  2. The Wolf and Bear Dens after the Race.
  3. Cubmaster Brian Cleveland Looking on to see the Space Rockets lineup at the starting line
  4. The Lion and Tiger Dens after the Race

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