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Orange Teachers & Students Remember “Sparky”

Orange Teachers & Students Remember “Sparky”

July 1, 2005 – March 14, 2019

Sparky, a bichon frise, was the loving and much-loved companion and family member of Robbin and Ralph Nuzzo, the former principal of Mary L. Tracy School.  Sparky enjoyed accompanying them to al fresco dinners in the warm weather and going on all their driving vacations.  A polite, friendly, gentle dog, he did have a real “spark” to his personality that was displayed in his expressive and bright eyes.

Sparky was the unofficial mascot of MLT from 2005-2012.  Over one thousand of Orange’s children knew Sparky because of the Character Education/Anti-Bullying Program that was built around him.  The children enjoyed seeing photos of him and talking about him and their own pets.  They loved when he visited MLT several times during each year and they could interact with him during outdoor recess.  Animals are a great way to teach children respect, responsibility, and care for others.

The character program, “Sparky’s Word of the Month”, featured a changing bulletin board in the MLT foyer with a seasonal bichon photo along with a special “word of the month”.

September – Please                 February – Listen

October – Thank You              March – Cooperation

November – Share                  April – Respect

December – Truthful              May – I’m Sorry

January – Helper                     June – Think Ahead

Sparky helped the MLT teachers to give instruction on ten-character traits that would be good for everyone to live by throughout their lives.  Hopefully, he helped to lay a strong foundation for the children of Orange.

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