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Orange Senior Center Lunch Program

I recently phoned an ordered to pick up pizza. When I got to the pizza parlor I found a very large B rating posted in the window by the Health Department. After my pizza came out, I asked about the B in the window. The owner said “What about it!?! It’s a B, B’s are good!” I got to thinking, why didn’t they get an A? I asked myself, “What is wrong with their kitchen that they only got a B?” At the High Plains Community Center in Orange, the kitchen the Orange Senior Center uses for the senior lunch program receives an A every year. Ellen the kitchen manager runs a tight ship. She does not let anyone mess up her kitchen. She keeps it nice and clean.

The next time I saw Ellen, I told her what a great job she is doing. Then we got to talking and I asked her what was the most popular meal of the people who attend the Senior Center Lunch program? She stated the Meat Loaf and Italian Wedding Soup is very popular. I looked over the menu to see when the next time she is serving Meat Loaf and Italian Wedding Soup and it was October 23. I also saw one of my favorite meals… Hot Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Sauce on October 29, yum! So that got me thinking, why don’t you come down and try out one of our meals. Come down on October 23 for Meatloaf with Italian Wedding Soup and again for a Hot Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry Sauce on October 29. Tell us which meal is your favorite. Also tell Ellen that Dennis sent you and she will give you an ice cream cup. Remember a $3.00 donation is accepted for persons 60 years of age or over. Call the day before at (203) 891-4765 to let Ellen know you are coming. And I can’t wait to see you. J

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