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Orange Senior Center Adds New Travel Agency For 2019

As much as we believe we have the greatest trips to the best destinations, we do understand that there are some short falls that need to be addressed.  There has been a trend in recent years where senior centers have been experiencing a decline in travelers.  It seems to be an odd trend in spite of the fact that more and more baby boomers are retiring.  Where once we were able to fill a bus, we now have to look for “share a bus” or “no minimum” trips.  Each comes with its own set of difficulties.  With a share a bus, a 50-passenger bus is split between 2 centers.  Unfortunately, if one center fails to meet the minimum requirement of paid travelers it may result in the trip being canceled for both centers.

Another scenario is no-minimum trips.  The travel agency solicits many senior centers to sell the trip.  Come trip day the bus has multiple pickups which may result in a long ride through the Connecticut country side.

However, there is a third option we have discovered and will implement.  The third option is to meet at 1 or 2 central pick-up locations.  Under this system we have partnered with Silver Mills Tours.  The closest location to Orange is the Baldwin Center in Stratford.  The bus will depart from the Baldwin Center and then travel to the trip destination.  With the trip being limited to 1 or 2 stops, it will definitely enhance the overall trip experience.

In 2019 the Orange Senior Center will continue to offer the various scenarios as appropriate to best serve our members.  Each trip will be labeled whether it is a shared, no minimum, or Baldwin Center Pickup.  In this way our members can pick what is best for them.  If you are interested in any trips with the Orange Senior Center call (203) 891-4784 for more information.

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