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Orange Rotary Looking for Those In Need

If you are a participant in a private initiative that helps those in need or a member of a non-profit agency whose charter is to serve the public Rotary wants to help you!

Every year the Rotary Club of Orange raises money to be given away.  Thousands of dollars are distributed to many worthy causes such as food banks, disaster relief, health care and others. The Rotary Club of Orange is especially looking to fund those in need within Orange.

This past year, the Covid epidemic has severely impacted many Orange residents because of unemployment, under-employment, sickness or the restrictions of home-care.  The Covid epidemic has also emphasized the need to help others.

If your charity-based effort or not-for-profit agency needs funding to help others in Orange please contact me ( or complete the FUNDING REQUEST on the Rotary Club of Orange website,  The short application for funding can be completed by you on the website or I can send the form to you to complete and return.

So, there you are!  You can be an agent of change in our community.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

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