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Orange Resident Explores Haunted Opera House with Paranormal Team

Orange Resident Explores Haunted Opera House with Paranormal Team

Ansonia Opera HouseAnsonia Opera HouseOn Sunday, April 25th, a collaboration of Connecticut ghost hunters and paranormal pioneers explored The Ansonia Opera House.  Built in 1869-1870, it is Connecticut’s oldest opera house.  With a seating capacity of 900, it served as the Valley’s premier theater and public hall, and for sixty years was the area’s civic and social center, and a glorious entertainment venue.  The hall was closed to mass public assemblies in 1979.

“When I first got to the Ansonia Opera House, I honestly didn’t expect it to be that haunted, but man was I wrong!” said Nick Grossmann of Ghost Storm Investigations after his recent visit.  He added, “The place isn’t dead but very much alive!”  The expedition consisted of Ghost Storm, Connecticut PASTS, East Coast Paranormal Photography, and Orange resident Charles Rosenay of

The evening started out on the stage area, where Diane Berti from CT PASTS played recorded opera music to set the mood.  It was a great idea for a place that was named an opera house, but ironically had very few operas.  The music added a living element to a building that has seemingly been closed for a lifetime.  As soon as the music started, the anomalies zoomed all over the cathedral.  When the music was off the activity was slower, but when it played a second time, the place became a fiasco of supernatural happenings.

GHOSTour’s Rosenay, who is better known as the producer of Beatles events and for his years of DJing and entertaining in the area, is very much a part of the CT paranormal community.  He captured a rare photo of a red anomaly.  Grossmann admitted that the only time he had previously seen a red orb-like aura was at Union Cemetery, where the “White Lady of Easton” roams.  Rosenay also shot an image of a full apparition he hadn’t seen outside of the photo, which later Grossmann discovered was filmed accidentally.

East Coast Paranormal Photography was on hand to document the proceedings, and they brought along EVP equipment and a spirit box.  The sessions and results were so accurate it was shocking.  Their Necrophonic device was able to make contact with many entities inside the opera house.

Jeffery Gerry of CT PASTS shot a bizarre photo of a hooved creature, which Grossman felt could be demonic or cryptid.  Grossmann reports, “As a clairvoyant I see this stuff more pronounced.  I can honestly tell you that there isn’t just human, angels or demonic spirits in the paranormal realm.  There are actually creatures.  We have here in the physical realm dogs, cats, bears, lizards and all other types of species.”  He thinks of the paranormal like that, but with endless other creatures.  “Hundreds and thousands of Bigfoot and Yeti sightings, yet one has never been caught?  They are inter-dimensional beings and travelers!”

Hector Roque Jr., a videographer and paranormal hunter with Ghost Storm Investigations, reported seeing phantom lights zooming all over the place.  The more remarkable thing about what Hector viewed, was that it was actually caught on film.  Roque, Gerry and Berti all saw the same phantom light flying around the opera house, and everyone described it as quite beautiful looking.  In the same area of the large, cavernous structure, Grossmann spotted a shadow disappearing into the wall.  These were just a few examples of the haunted happenings.

The Ansonia Opera House proved to be a very exciting expedition, following in the fantastic footsteps of supernatural explorations inside Derby, CT’s Sterling Opera House by area paranormal investigator Rich Dicarlo.  Dicarlo has recently joined Ghost Storm and Rosenay on investigations, including Ansonia’s Armory.

Many in the state have been itching to discover what it is like to be in a haunted opera house.  Now they can see select footage and unedited photos in the video just released by this dedicated team of paranormal explorers:  There is hope that future visits inside the Ansonia Opera House will be taking place; interested parties and individuals should reach out to Rosenay at the contact information herein.

These unique investigations and events are all leading up to a gala event that will be coming to the Ansonia Armory this Summer.  Connecticut’s first-ever Paranormal Convention will be taking place for two days only, Saturday and Sunday, July 24-25.  The event is billed as PARACONN and will feature vendors, exhibits, seminars, entertainment, authors and special guests.  Preliminary featured Special Guests of Honor are Patrick Cross, Cathy Chruszcz, and Barry Pirro, along with Guest Authors Paul Ferrante and acclaimed Ghost Author Bill Hall, who wrote the book, “The World’s Most Haunted House,” about 966 Lindsley Street in Bridgeport.  Tickets and complete information at  The event is presented by Nick Grossmann and Charles F. Rosenay, who have teamed up to host ghost tours across the East Coast and overseas.  They offer ghost adventures once a month, some including dinner, a paranormal class and camp-outs.  You can email or phone Charles at (203) 795-4737 for details on the PARACONN convention, haunted tours, and upcoming events.

Pictured: Nick Grossman & Charles Rosenay and images of Ansonia Opera House

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