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Orange Land Trust Receives Land Donation

Orange Land Trust Receives Land Donation


The Orange Land Trust (OLT) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that a 9.3 acre parcel of natural, undeveloped land was donated earlier this year by John and Patricia Alexander to the OLT to be preserved and maintained forever as open-space and habitat.  The board is eager to explore the possible ways this beautiful area can best be preserved for the benefit of wildlife as well as the people of Orange.

The Orange Land Trust is a private, non-profit, Connecticut Corporation, staffed entirely by volunteers, and is not connected to any level of town, state or national government, businesses or foundations.  The OLT was organized and incorporated in December of 1968.  Its purpose is the acquisition, preservation and protection of natural areas, including plants and wildlife and the unique habitats they require, within the Town of Orange for the benefit of its citizens through passive use.  We conduct guided walks and hikes for the public in many of these areas throughout the seasons of the year.

We work closely with the Town of Orange and the Orange Conservation commission in these endeavors for the benefit of both residents and visitors from surrounding areas.

The funds of the Orange Land Trust are the result of bequests, gifts or donations from interested individuals who wish to support our efforts.  We strongly encourage people to consider the possibility of donating existing land or funds to enable us to acquire new, or to maintain and improve existing open-space held by the Orange Land Trust.

We volunteer our time and talents because we are committed to the organization’s goals and, as volunteers, we are able to keep operating expenses to the very minimum necessary.

The Orange Land Trust currently holds 21 properties throughout the town, making a total of over 80 acres with a wide variety of habitats.  These include small parcels of under an acre, medium sized areas of 4 to 6 acres, and up to over 20 acres for the largest.

Several of these are located adjacent to the Town of Orange Conservation Areas and have been developed for passive use with off street parking, hiking trails, overlooks, benches etc.  These unique properties contain natural habitats that include rocky forest, woods, meadows and wetlands.  Within these large and small protected places, wildlife is abundant and native plants and animals thrive.

These are great places to look and see all sorts of creatures from owls and hawks to smaller thrushes and song birds and other rarely seen birds and animals.  Many are great places to stroll, hike, ski, snowshoe, sit, rest, watch and enjoy.  The smaller serve as pockets of protected, natural habitat within neighborhoods.  All are in easy reach within our town’s borders.

By purchasing, preserving and protecting, we will have saved these beautiful and unique places for the enjoyment by us, our children, and for future generations.  We are the fortunate recipients of similar decisions made by those who acted before us to provide unique places such as our town green, historical buildings, our remaining farmland and natural open spaces. In short, if we don’t do this, they won’t have it to enjoy.  Please consider making a donation.

For more information on donating, and the potential tax advantages, please contact our president, Fred Kendrick at 203-799-7622.

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