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Orange Foundation Awards Scholarships To Students, Grants To Community Groups

The Orange Foundation has been providing support for the community since it was founded in 1976 by Judge Charles Flynn, a long time Orange resident.  He envisioned a community foundation that would benefit the citizens of Orange.  He contributed $300.00 as seed money to start it.  Other Orange residents added to the original amount and from that small beginning, the Foundation has grown to include four grant funds and twelve scholarship funds, largely endowed by Orange residents.  That first $300.00 remains in the fund balance, since only monies earned through interest are distributed each year.  The fund balance remains intact.

Members of the Foundation Distribution Committee include Robert Archambault, Chairman, Frank Bailey, Esq., Katalin Baltimore, Carla Birmingham, Paul Davis, Jaqueline Koral, Santo Galatioto, Jr., Patricia Miller and John Wesolowski.

This year The Foundation funded four scholarships, awarded to the following:

  • Spencer Shephard, $2600 (from the Charles W. Flynn Fund;
  • Olivia Pisano $2600 ($100 from the Thomas Birmingham Fund, $609 from Harry Haynes Fund, $776 from the Downey Foundation, $215 from the Vincent Timmons Fund);
  • Jacob Lettick $2600 ($971 from the Charles W. Flynn Fund, $319 from the Vaughn Fund, $592 from the Benedict Giangarra Fund, $718 from the Susan Lewin Fund); and
  • Josepj Szewczyk, $9710 (from the Horbal Fund)

Grants were awarded to the American Legion, Camp Cedarcrest, the Orange Fire Marshal, the Orange Conservation Commission, the Orange Senior Center, the Amity Teen Center, and the Orange Arts and Culture Council.

The Orange Foundation provides support for a wide range of students by contributing to their college educations; as well as by providing financial support to a variety of community groups (or sometimes individuals) for program or project needs.

The Orange Foundations depends on donations from Orange residents to sustain the financial growth of the Foundation that ensures the continual support of programs and services that benefit the residents of Orange.  The Foundation requests that all who are able to do so, to consider making a donation.  Another way to contribute is to consider updating your will to include allocating funds for a donation to be made in the future.

For more information about the Foundation, including the establishment of a fund or application for funds, call Robert Archambault at 203-795-3716 or go to

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