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News for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers in Orange

News for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers in Orange

Husse has finally come to Orange.  For 30 years, this Swedish company has been delivering its own high quality pet foods and products directly to customers’ doors.  Up until now, there was only one other franchise territory in the entire state.  In an announcement from the company, brothers Mark and Mike Tagliatela, of Orange, will now be delivering Husse in its own branded vehicle.

All Husse pet foods are GMO-free and made to the highest standards of the European Union.  Adherence to these standards has resulted in there never being a single recall in the more than 50 countries in which Husse operates, including the U.S.  Husse offers a wide-ranging line of pet foods that includes grain-free and sensitive digestive formulations, as well as foods for puppies, active adults, and seniors.  As a result of Husse’s rigorous manufacturing standards, the foods are highly digestible.

Husse representatives worldwide are trained extensively in nutrition, as are Mike and Mark Tagliatela of Summit Drive.  The brothers, who are attorneys in town, decided to join Husse after running their own law practice for many years.  Being a part of the four-legged friend community, Mark and Mike found a dire need for healthy pet food.  Then they discovered Husse.

“Mark and Mike come to Husse with dedication to contributing to the healthy lives of pets.  Their energy will make them a great team to grow the brand here in Connecticut,” said Mark Foisey Jr, Sales Manager at Husse.

The brothers can be reached via email or by phone (866) G0-HUSSE.  They are very excited about helping to keep pets in Orange and the New Haven County well-fed and healthier in the New Year.

Pictured: Mark and Mike Tagliatela with Sales Manager Mark Foisey, Jr.

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