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New Storage Building to be Constructed at Fairgrounds


A plan to build a new, 68-foot long storage garage at the Orange Fairgrounds met with unanimous approval from the Board of Selectmen last month.  The project, expected to cost about $125,000, will be paid for with funds from the Orange Fairgrounds Association with little input from tax dollars, according to First Selectman Jim Zeoli.  Currently the Fire Department, Park and Recreation, Rotary Club, Highway Department and the Fairgrounds Committee store equipment and items in various buildings at the fairgrounds.  The old, unused bathroom facilities located behind the Fairgrounds’ pavilion, which is one of the areas currently used as storage, will be demolished and an area of trees will be taken down as part of the project.

The facility will be divided into 16 foot bays with 12 X 12-foot garage doors, concrete floors and minimal electrical outlets.  With no windows or small doors, the design of the structure is expected to deter vandalism.  It will be constructed in the same color and style as other structures on the property.  “The Orange Fair Association has more than enough money to pay for this, I can’t say no tax dollars will be used, but it would be minimal,” Zeoli said.  Construction is slated to begin in June.

By Laura Fantarella – Orange Town News Correspondent

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