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Milestone C: Engineering & Aviation After School

An Internship Experience for High School Students

Connecticut is now home to a groundbreaking after-school program envisioned as an internship experience for high school students.  Milestone C was created by leaders at Fortune 500 aerospace corporations and veteran aviators to teach applied engineering and aviation skills as an introduction to aerospace careers.

Milestone C’s mission is to “cultivate future aerospace leaders with career aspirations rooted in confidence and hands-on experience”.  To that end, the founders’ vision is to create an engaging laboratory environment to help students make educated college and career decisions.

The full-length, 14-week program will launch in September 2017 – registration opens April 3rd and classes begin September 5th.  In the meantime, Milestone C will run a series of short and free pilot programs (in coordination with the Stratford Board of Education).  First pilot program will be at Stratford High School on March 15th, 18th, and 19th, 2017.

The streamlined, high-impact STEM curriculum is 100% interactive and offers students a unique opportunity to participate in the following:

  • A realistic engineering design project, designing and flying advanced drones;
  • A leadership and team-building simulation designed for executives at GE and Bigelow Tea;
  • Flight simulator training, learning fundamentals of aviation and aerodynamics;
  • Field trips to large aerospace corporations, local airports, and military bases;
  • College and career mentorship sessions held by highly-experienced professionals; and
  • A distinguished guest speaker presentation series, including fighter pilots and chief engineers.

Students will graduate with basic skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Professional Conduct & Confidence;
  • Effective Leadership & Teamwork;
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution;
  • Public Speaking & Formal Presentation;
  • Analytical Thinking & Task Management; and
  • Situational Awareness & Decision Making.

The founders have been working to build a network of financial, social, and intellectual support, so that they can offer the program for free to a majority of their students.  You are all invited to join this exciting new effort to cultivate future aerospace leaders right here in Connecticut!  WWW.MILESTONEC.COM | (646) 321-5994 | INFO@MILESTONEC.COM

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