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Meal Delivery and Meetinghouse Cafe

Elaine Marcucio, owner of New England Young at Heart, has launched a Home Meal Delivery Program.  The program has been a huge success thus far.  Meals are $12, made fresh and delivered right to your door.  This program is great for aging adults who cannot cook or just don’t want to anymore.  Marcucio cooks everything and utilizes vegetables from local farms.  Marcucio has been cooking and coordinating programs for 27 years.  New England Young at Heart hosts many programs at various locations throughout CT – with dancing, shopping, laughing, and, of course, food.  For more information, to sign up for meals or receive our online newsletter call 203-887-5047 or email or go to

This is a unique program and it is much needed here in CT.  With more and more aging adults staying in their homes it adds stress to their children or caregivers to make sure they are getting a nutritious home style meal.  Gift certificates are available!  These make wonderful gifts.  August’s menu is available, and pictured below.

One location that Marcucio calls home is the new Meeting House Cafe located in the Woodbridge Center, 4 Meetinghouse Lane, Woodbridge.  Hours are Monday – Friday from 8-2pm.  You don’t have to be a member to stop in and grab a fresh baked muffin, delicious soup, sandwich or a treat!!  Stop in say hello, grab a bite, and use this coupon!

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