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Making the New Year a Year to Share

Parents share so much with their children and other family members.  Whether it be a story about the past, a family heirloom, recipes passed down for generations or those special childhood memories – that is what families do, we share.  We share our day-to-day lives, our health issues and brave families are even able to share their feelings about politics, the latest news and world events.  In a nutshell, most of us don’t have any issues when it comes to sharing our lives with our families.  Let’s put one caveat in the sharing.  We tend to be willing to share everything and anything, as long as it does not have anything to do with money.

Why do families have so much difficulty talking about money?  What is the downside to your adult children knowing about your finances?  Why is it so hard to talk to them about your plans for when you pass or your intentions if you were to need long term care?  Conversely, why do our children not want to know about our estates?  How many times have your children said something like, “Mom, Dad, we don’t care!  Your money is your money, you can do what you want with it.”  And, then the conversation ends.

If nothing else, the past 2 years of the pandemic has made us more aware of our mortality.  Most of us do think differently.  Many have been forced to rethink careers, and, for some, retirement is going to happen sooner than anticipated.  We are planning our lives differently.  Don’t be afraid to have these discussions with your family.  Make 2022 the year to have that important conversation.  Make 2022 the year you put your estate plan in place, review it, and understand, but most importantly, share it.

Wishing our readers, a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and only the best in 2022!

Roberta L. Nestor is a financial advisor practicing at 759 Boston Post Road in Milford, CT offering retirement, long term care, investment, and tax planning services.  She offers securities and advisory services as a Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of Commonwealth Financial Network – a member FINRA/SIPC and a Registered Investment Adviser.  Fixed insurance products offered through Nestor Financial Network are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.  Commonwealth Financial Network or Nestor Financial Network does not provide legal or tax advice.  You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation. Roberta can be reached at Nestor Financial Network, 203-876-8066 or

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