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Letter: Two Voting Locations A Necessary Expense

For many years, there have been 2 voting locations in our town- Mary L. Tracy School and High Plains Community Center.  Recently I became aware that voting in this year’s election will be limited to only a single location-High Plains Community Center.  Apparently, because there was a rainy day last election and some cars got stuck in the mud, the number of locations to vote has been reduced to one.  Although High Plains is a central location in our town, given the criticality of voting and elections in our country, I believe that more locations make it easier for everyone to vote.

An over- crowded, single location will result in lines that could discourage voters.  Since Election Day is not a national holiday, many people who work, cannot take off a few hours to wait in line to vote.  Furthermore, people may arrive at their former voting location, resulting in much confusion.  I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect that many people will chose to leave and not exercise their right to vote.

If the intent is to reduce some expense, that is a poor excuse for compromising our democracy by potentially suppressing voters’ participation.  I sincerely hope that those who thought this was a good idea, will quickly reconsider!


Beverly Propen

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