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Letter: Two Angels Appeared

I am an Orange resident living in the vicinity of Racebrook, Tyler City and Graniss Roads.  On Friday, March 9, I was walking out my driveway to retrieve my mail.  My fifteen-year old English Springer Spaniel violated her pet fencing for the first time ever.  I did not know at the time, but the battery was low in her electric collar.  She followed me toward the road and would not respond to my calls for her to come to me.  Within half a minute, she went into the roadway and approached the intersection.  I was frantic and ran after her, as she ignored my commands.

A woman in a car stopped at the traffic light at Graniss, pulled her car into the southbound lane of Racebrook, blocking the road.  She got out and moved toward me and my dog. My dog decided to turn around and run back down Racebrook approaching northbound traffic, with me in pursuit.  My mind flashed the image of my elderly dog who has survived a hermangiosarcoma of the spleen for over two years, as well as pancreatitis, being hit by a car or truck, ending her life.  I became consumed with fear.

Suddenly, a young lady in a SUV stopped and pulled over in the northbound lane of Racebrook.  She got out of her car approaching the dog and me.  Slowly she approached the dog and Sable, being shy, ran back toward me and I grabbed her harness.  This wonderful person, seeing that I was totally out of breath and minus a leash, picked Sable up and put her in her vehicle and told me to get in, “she was going to take us home”.  This girl carried Sable into our home and made sure we were both safely in the kitchen.  I hugged this gal and told her Sable would be confined to her leash until I could find out why the collar was not working.

Unfortunately, my mental state did not allow me to find out who these two angels were.  All I know is that they were so incredibly kind and I feel they were heaven sent.  I hope that they have access to this publication and read this letter and know how grateful I am.  God bless wonderful citizens like them.

Marjorie Schenk

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