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Letter: TPZ Should Reinstate Morotorium

The Orange Plan and Zoning (TPZ) Commission held several poorly attended public hearings on the proposal for locating a retail dispensary for legalized medical/recreational marijuana in Town.  Commissioner Kevin Cornell, Esq. voiced disappointment at the low turnout.  These hearings were not well-publicized.  Residents deserve to be heard, as well as testimony from medical and public safety experts.  It would be a welcomed reprieve if the TPZ Commission reinstated the moratorium and offered well-publicized hearings, with social distancing or on Zoom, before they render a unilateral decision.  Rescheduled hearings would affirm the Commission’s due diligence in representing constituents.

A reliable source of information can be found at  This Britannica site contains objective, fact-checked and unbiased content written by experts and vetted through a rigorous editorial process.  It provides 13 concise pro & con arguments on legalized recreational marijuana.  The site can serve as a guide to whether a retail dispensary is a beneficial or hazardous choice for the town of Orange.

Janice Fodero

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