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Letter: Town Leaders Need to “Trim Their Sails”

As a ‘senior’ resident of Orange, and a long-time resident besides, I strongly oppose the proposition from Jim Zeoli that we borrow $8.5 million and purchase the Racebrook golf course.

At this time in my life, I have had to trim my sails considerably, not just because I live on a more modest income with no job prospects, but because I would like to pass along a little something to my children, so they have an easier time raising their children.

These are uncertain — some would say perilous — economic times, and I don’t believe going out on a limb to the tune of $8.5 million is prudent while there’s still so much upheaval and unpredictability at every turn.

Furthermore, this proposition — should it be approved — would not ever even benefit me or the vast majority of other Orange residents.  Borrowing such a whopping sum would simply perpetuate a teetering business that does not open to retail customers.  It is and would remain only available to those who golf.

I would much sooner see town leaders trim their sails and let the rest of us decide how to spend our money — hard-earned money they want us to pony up to buy this golf course.


Walter S. Hine

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