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Letter: The Origins of Our State Motto

It is essential for citizens to know their history, not only of our founding as a great nation, but also of the state we live in.  I’m a life-long resident of Connecticut and knew our Great Seal pictured three grapevines and a ribbon below with the motto Qui Transtulit Sustinet (He who transplanted sustains).  What I didn’t know was the meaning and origin.  It is an adaption of Psalm 79:3 from the Latin Vulgate Bible and means that He (God) brought us across and still supports us.

It was adapted in May of 1784 and was chosen to represent the ideals of Rev. Thomas Hooker and his followers who came to Hartford in 1636 and began the first settlement.  They believed they were bringing all the best aspects of Christianity without the corruption they witnessed in England.  Rev. Hooker played a significant role in the creation of “The fundamental Orders of Connecticut”.  This document is one of the modern world’s first written constitutions and was a primary influence upon the current Constitution written nearly two centuries later.

Pray with me that our state return to one with Godly principles and life affirming legislation and legislators that honor our Creator and every life as precious.

Bonnie Pelaccia

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