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Letter: The Correct History Surrounding Albus the Peacock

Letter: The Correct History Surrounding Albus the Peacock

After seeing the photo of the peacock taken by a parent at Race Brook School in the recent Orange Town News, I had to share!

My daughter Olivia came home from Race Brook School a few weeks ago talking about a peacock. I have to admit I doubted it and even asked her teacher (Mrs. Martorana, 3rd grade) who verified that indeed there was a peacock from a local farm that wandered around the neighborhood and had a habit of visiting the school. Then I saw the peacock myself on Russell Ave walking around someone’s property, even jumping up onto the roof! It was quite the sight.

How fun! I’d love to know who he belongs to!


Stephanie (Nichols-Burns)


Thank you for your letter. We were able to get the following information for you.

Orange Town News

Orange Town News,

I was unsure who to contact directly, so thought this message would be a good place to start. I am reaching out with concern in my heart for a loved one. The loved one in question? The “wild” peacock that has been recently seen and photographed around Racebrook School. His name is Albus and contrary to what the article that recently came out states, he is NOT wild. He has been a part of our family for over 10 years. His home is a farm on Russell Avenue, and everyone in the neighborhood and surrounding streets knows and loves him. He is well taken care of. The article makes it seem like he has suddenly appeared in the woods by the school in the past few months and does not have a home and could be dangerous since he is “wild”. We have already seen someone in a car look like they were trying to lure him into it (people don’t realize how big he really is) and we are worried about someone else trying to “save” him, take him, or treating him as a pest and hurting him. He is very old for a peacock and any injury to him at this point would be extremely dangerous for him. A broken bone would be a death sentence for him and can be easily caused by someone mishandling him. If you google “orange CT peacock” you can see a bunch of different links about him, some almost 10 years old. He has a large territory that he patrols and sometimes even likes to wander around with a local flock of turkeys. We love him so much! We are not asking for the photo and article to be taken down (because everyone should see how amazing he is!). We would just like for the wording to be changed to reflect the truth- Albus is not new, he has a home, he is not dangerous, and if you see him, he is just passing through and not a threat! Just treat him the same way you would treat a neighbor’s cat passing through your yard or crossing the street. Again, we are worried about the health and safety of our beloved family member and really appreciate anything that can be done to reword the article!

Thank you!!
The Ross, Kraft, & Kelemen Families

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