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Letter: Thanks To Jim Zeoli and Rocky Salperto

Where there are probably100s of folks to acknowledge, today I am writing to you both.

I have lived in town for 39 years.  I have attended numerous town events at HPCC throughout that time over and over.  This past weekend’s celebration of our town’s 200 years on the map was fantastic.  In particular, the fireworks which come in a close second to a Disney display, I can’t even fathom what that cost but whatever it is, was well worth it.  People in attendance will talk about that display for years to come.  You should all be very proud of how that party for thousands played out.

It was a great time, enjoyed by all, good food, great band, no issues, a lot of smiling faces.  So very refreshing to see in our present-day society.  Well. It’s Orange after all!

Best regards,

Mark Blydenburg

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