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Letter: Thanks Go Out to Orange PD & Good Samaritan

To celebrate my 80th birthday and upon entering a new age group (Men 80-84) I again participated in the Orange Rotary 5k Turkey Trot this past Thanksgiving.  My celebration of first place in my age group (I was the only one) was cut short due to the loss of both my hearing aids and my car key fob (both of which I had placed in my fanny pack for safe keeping).  We drove the course and searched the field and parking lot to no avail.

I reported the loss to an Orange police officer on the scene and the following day obtained a replacement key fob from the car dealer and ordered new hearing aids from Costco, covered by the 18 month-from-purchase insurance.

The next day Officer Koches came to our door with the hearing aids, found by his dog at the Orange track and then Officer Anderson called to tell me that an un-named good Samaritan had found the key fob and turned it in!  I canceled the Costco replacement order and retrieved my now back up key fob from Police headquarters.

I give thanks to Officer Koshes, his dog and the other officers and Staff of the Orange CT Police Department and the unknown Good Samaritan who finally made my day.

Gustave L. Davis MD

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