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Letter: Thank You School PTO/PTAs

I would like to take a moment to offer a giant Thank You to the members of the PTO/PTA’s of the 4 schools that make up the Orange Elementary School system.  On Thursday November 17th – all families of the 4 schools were lucky to watch the Harlem Wizards play various members of our entire school community – including our very tall Superintendent…Dr. Vince Scarpetti!

It was a fun night that brought us all to Amity High School for the event.  A packed house comprised of many families from Mary. L Tracy, Turkey Hill, Peck Place and Racebrook Schools were in attendance – along with all 4 Principals…and many teachers and staff members.  It was fantastic!  The kids had a blast and the grown-ups did too!

This would not have happened if the members of the 4 PTO/PTA’s did not come together.  There were raffles and door prizes and balloons upon entering…souvenirs and concessions too!  I can only imagine the HUGE UNDERTAKING it must have been to organize this evening.

These volunteers devote hours upon hours of their free time to pull something like this together – while most of us just show up and have fun.  Let this serve as a big THANK YOU from the entire school community of Orange, CT!

A Grateful Parent


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