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Letter: We Sure Are Lucky to Live in this Great Town

Living in Orange is a great place to dispose of your garbage, leaves, wood, metal, clothing, furniture, etc.  We have a wonderful transfer station located in the heart of town.  It is located at the end of Orange Center Road.

As you drive to it you will pass a beautiful Georgian Colonial building that is an Orange Doctor’s Center.  A little way down you will see Beecher Walk that has condominiums behind a white wall with beautiful shrubs and trees in front of it.  Then you enter the gate and if you go straight you can get rid of your wood, leaves, metal, etc.  If you turn left and go up to the hopper you will see a beautiful garden with mums, asters, daisies, etc. planted by Vicki who is always wearing a lime green t-shirt, windbreaker, or jacket with a smile on her face.  She has pin wheels blowing in the wind to keep the bunny rabbits from eating her flowers.  She is so helpful, helping people and only works three days a week.  Across the hopper is a large trailer that the Goodwill has where you can get rid of clothing, furniture, and household items.  That is where Bobby Stankey found fifty china tea cups in good condition and brought them to the High Plains Community Center and Diane started the Social Tea Party.  She used the card tables in the Senior Lounge, had China Teapots with hot water and different flavor teas and delicious tea sandwiches made by Fanny Lou and desserts.  It became a great time for women to go to the attic or closet to don their hats, dresses, pearls, and gloves.  We even had a few men who came to listen to the speaker.  This trailer was a God send.  Before we only had a Salvation Army bin and people were throwing away beautiful furniture, bikes, lamps and some were rescued.  The attendants of that time put beautiful items by the shed to take.  At this time of year the politicians will be handing out pens and pads.

When you leave the station you can stop at Home Depot to buy plants or other items.  As you go back to the Boston Post Road there is a bank to go to.  I have been living in Orange for many years and I remember the article that read that Orange has the most beautiful transfer station in CT.  The reason being that there were empty fields before the building were built filled with Queen Anne’s lace.  Did you know that at the end of Queen Anne’s lace there is a carrot?  Orange still maintains its reputation.  It is free to Orange residents only and other towns charge a fee.  We sure are lucky to live in this great town.

Della Greenberg

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