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Letter: Stay Vigilant & Safeguard Our Schools

It is hard to believe just how fast this year is moving and how, for many students and parents, it is almost time to think about school again.  While many thoughts right now with families might be about new shoes and school supplies, as a recent 2021 high school graduate, I would like to bring another topic to the forefront of parents and residents going into the next school year.

In my opinion, public schools, not only in CT but around the country, are going to be faced with the adoption of Critical Race Theory (CRT) as it is being forced in through the federal level and other groups across the country.  As someone who has spent his whole life being educated in the public school system, and someone who took a class where the subject material came from a textbook titled “Readings for Social Justice and Diversity”, I would like to warn parents to please pay attention to this threat and to stop the adoption of CRT from coming to our schools.  CRT is not an education, but rather a radical indoctrination.  Most of the lessons taught under CRT are more divisive and filled with hate than the topic of racism itself.  CRT is a way for people who have the same political ideologies as Karl Marx to infiltrate the classroom.  They ensure that only lessons are taught and books are read that reflect the anti-American values that focus on half-truths and falsehoods about our history, and teach our children to hate our country.  America ranks 30th in math, 15th in reading, and 11th in science.  Our school systems’ priority should not be whether or not a 10th grader has white privilege, especially given the disadvantage our children have been put in with the disruption in their education due to the pandemic.  There are already ways to address racism and focus on education, one of which is learning through our classic American literature.  No book better addresses racism than the lessons from Ms. Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”, where we read how Atticus Finch defends Tom Robinson over false accusations that are brought about because of his skin color.  However, CRT and other radical agendas remove classic American literature and instead encourage our children to read from lists of books that are extremely left leaning in political dogmas and ideologies, such as the one that was sent to incoming freshmen from Amity High School.  Folks, as someone who has been through the public school system, I can assure you that even though CRT has not been adopted yet, the underlying messages are already in our classrooms.  It’s distracting our young people from the vital and well-rounded education that they deserve!

No matter what your age, I encourage everyone to stay vigilant and safeguard our schools from CRT, to ensure that America’s future generations are allowed to learn in an environment free of distractions and opinions and full of knowledge and wisdom.

Dominick Lombardi

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